The day is organized into 3 different sessions: Warm up, formations as solo, duo & trio, and finally a cool down session. The duration of each session will depend on the teachers, but also on the students’ requirements. We like to keep our approach as wide as possible, which can include many ways of looking into our movements by using many types of technique throughout the classes. As a major source of inspiration, we look to the jazz musicians, the formations they take when they play together and how this reflects directly in our own dancing. Studying swing music and its roots, we work on developing the tools needed in order to adapt our dancing. And create a closer relationship between the way we move and the many periods throughout the development of jazz music with the different styles that have emerged from it. To help us work with dancers of all different abilities, we would expect students to have knowledge of the steps involved in the following classic solo routines: Shim Sham, Tranky Doo & Big Apple. In order to explore the depth of all the concepts introduced during class, we will provide an intensive guided training session and use the time we have together to develop as a group. We would like to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience continuity in their work and on-going progression with their learning throughout the workshop, but also the time to develop the material and to interact with the others in class. We plan to use the space in class accordingly and depending on the content that we will be focusing on, 1, 2 or 3 of the teachers will be in class at any given time, either working all together or split into separate groups.